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Daily 16×16 Giant Sudoku (Easy)

Thursday 1st December 2016

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16×16 Giant Sudoku leaderboard

All-time leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 fabioD 3067255
2 meena 2911845
3 da_marc 2709110
4 jung 2331450
5 jetche 2067405
6 JillRidgwayBall 1903270
7 dkrenn49 1887025
8 ejm 1872645
9 Bozz 1788815
10 BigC2012 1786695
Monthly leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 dkrenn49 169845
2 ejm 135770
3 madjock 134075
4 Tommy 132835
5 telemachus 128790
6 sudoku_DB 118740
7 yozoboy 108220
8 jung 102475
9 meena 83885
10 Fiona59 75820

How to play

This page will automatically load the puzzle for today. If you want to play a different puzzle, go to the archive page and choose your puzzle.
There are two ways to play a Sudoku puzzle, you can just use the mouse/touchscreen, or you can use the mouse and keyboard. You can switch between the two methods any time you like, and can use a combination of both.

Playing with a mouse/touchscreen.

Playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Any mistakes you make will be hilighted in red. The website will know when you have completed a puzzle and will tell you. If you have an account and are logged in, the website will remember that you have completed that puzzle. You will also take part in out leaderboards. It's free to create an account!

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