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Daily 16×16 Giant Sudoku for Thursday 1st December 2016 (Easy)


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All-time 16×16 Giant Sudoku leaderboard

RankPlayerTotal Score
1 fabioD 3016395
2 meena 2699985
3 da_marc 2641535
4 jung 2065360
5 jetche 1980615
6 JillRidgwayBall 1902110
7 Bozz 1788815
8 ejm 1734145
9 BigC2012 1733640
10 dkrenn49 1539560
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Monthly 16×16 Giant Sudoku leaderboard

RankPlayerTotal Score
1 dkrenn49 136510
2 sudoku_DB 125405
3 madjock 119695
4 jung 98915
5 Tommy 85705
6 da_marc 64520
7 dvd 62560
8 Suzy 61440
9 Iwo 58390
10 geode 55210
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