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Daily Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle (Hard)

Wednesday 30th March 2011

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All-time leaderboard
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1 andre603 1242020
2 HeshamN 1242020
3 zlakad 1242020
4 rossdalgin 1241920
5 jetche 1241740
6 doncarroll 1241740
7 Dancingdebbie 1239940
8 jjcop 1194230
9 t026156 1188825
10 alrat 1156185
Monthly leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 newtondeac3 114245
2 cyb 100850
3 cheers001 98285
4 curly314 75815
5 jjcop 74690
6 afifalawad 66205
7 JoeCool 45485
8 dodaugaard 41315
9 tg02 36755
10 jjan 36280

How to play

This page will automatically load the puzzle for today. If you want to play a different puzzle, go to the archive page and choose your puzzle.
There are two ways to play a Sudoku puzzle, you can just use the mouse/touchscreen, or you can use the mouse and keyboard. You can switch between the two methods any time you like, and can use a combination of both.

Playing with a mouse/touchscreen.

Playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Any mistakes you make will be hilighted in red. The website will know when you have completed a puzzle and will tell you. If you have an account and are logged in, the website will remember that you have completed that puzzle. You will also take part in out leaderboards. It's free to create an account!

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