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Daily Towers Puzzle for Thursday 12th January 2017


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1 filomeni 921835
2 astrozz 750030
3 starlight75 645070
4 rawn 413245
5 B1b2 367200
6 noradaddy 360225
7 marcin 359335
8 pat2556 322090
9 mikeb 304600
10 italian1968 267015
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Monthly Towers leaderboard

RankPlayerTotal Score
1 starlight75 27180
2 rawn 21695
3 Setari 21640
4 steve0360 17765
5 homer 14265
6 B1b2 12225
7 Foxwire 12055
8 Charly69 8780
9 okram 8535
10 marcin 8425
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