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Daily 16×16 Giant Sudoku (Medium)

Monday 5th December 2016

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16×16 Giant Sudoku leaderboard

All-time leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 fabioD 3201810
2 meena 3120035
3 jung 3000240
4 da_marc 2878525
5 kozo 2234180
6 dkrenn49 2169010
7 jetche 2122645
8 ejm 2038335
9 Fiona59 2030175
10 BigC2012 1947780
Monthly leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 Tommy 88095
2 mlharris 73410
3 sudoku_DB 72275
4 noria 69285
5 madjock 52160
6 kozo 44605
7 Fiona59 44365
8 teekeemarloo 44250
9 dvd 44250
10 hill 36315

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Playing with a mouse/touchscreen.

Playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Any mistakes you make will be hilighted in red. The website will know when you have completed a puzzle and will tell you. If you have an account and are logged in, the website will remember that you have completed that puzzle. You will also take part in out leaderboards. It's free to create an account!

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