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How to play

Pairs is a memory game played between 2 players. Each player takes it in turns to turn over two cards, if the cards match, they are removed from the board and you are given 20 points. The player with the most points when all the pairs have been found is the winner!
There are three sized grids:
  • Small: A small grid has 18 cards (9 pairs), perfect for a quick game!
  • Medium: A medium grid has 40 cards (20 pairs), this is the standard game.
  • Large: A large grid has 60 cards (30 pairs), and is aimed at those players wanting a longer game, or really want to test their memory.
There are three ways to play pairs:
  • Play Against a friend: You can use this option to play against a friend that is in a different location. When you click on this button, you will be given a link to send to your friend. They should go to this address on their phone/tablet/computer, and you can then start the game.
  • Play against the computer: In this option you will take turns against the computer. The computer does not cheat - it will only use the same information you have about which cards have been turned over, and which haven't. The computer is also surprisingly forgetful for a computer!
  • Start local game: Use this option if you want to play against a friend on the same computer/phone/tablet.