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Daily Towers Puzzle

Thursday 22nd June 2017

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Towers leaderboard

All-time leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 filomeni 922270
2 astrozz 750030
3 starlight75 688360
4 marcin 683380
5 rawn 581355
6 B1b2 396310
7 noradaddy 392885
8 steve0360 364315
9 pat2556 359695
10 okram 321640
Monthly leaderboard
RankPlayerTotal Score
1 Charly69 29370
2 rawn 20275
3 homer 8370
4 scherzophrnic 8045
5 marcin 8045
6 steve0360 7520
7 okram 7020
8 Blais 5580
9 pradam14 5090
10 pat2556 4950

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