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Minesweeper puzzle solution
This is an example of a completed MineSweeper puzzle. The cells with numbers tell you how many of the surrounding cells contain a mine/bomb. Mines can be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
Some cells have a 0 in them, this means that there are no mines surrounding that cell, and this is a great place to start a minesweeper puzzle!
Minesweeper puzzle
The best way to start any minesweeper puzzle is to first look for cells that have a '0' in them. This puzzle has one cell with a '0' towards the bottom-right. None of these cells can have mines in then, so we can marked them with a ╳.
The next clues to look at are those where every surrounding cells has a mine in. Look at the '4' clue in the top-right. This clue only has 4 surrounding cells, so they must all be mines! We can insert a 💣 in this cell.
The '4' clue towards the top-left (the '4' in the middle of that group), also only has 4 surrounding cells, so the highlighted cells must be mines!
Minesweeper puzzle
Having placed these mines and/or blank cells now means we can fill in the highlighted cells. Firstly, take a look at the set of 3 highlighted cells towards the left-hand side. You will notice that the '2' clue already has 2 mines next to that cell (it has turned green to let you know), so that means the highlighted cells must be blank.
Take a look at the highlighted cell in the bottom-right, there is a '1' just above it. Since we have now crossed out all the other cells around the '1' clue, the highlighted cell must be a bomb.
We can continue applying these rules for some time, and this logic will be enough to solve easy puzzles.
Minesweeper puzzle
Take a look at the highlighted '2' clue. There are 3 cells surrounding this clue, and 2 of them must contain mines. Let's assume that the cell marked 'B' contains a mine. That would mean that the '1' clues above and below the 'B' cell can't be next to any other mines, including cell 'A' and 'C'.
This is a contradiction, so cell 'B' must be empty. This means that cells 'A' and 'C' must contain mines.
Minesweeper puzzle
We have progressed a little further with this puzzle, and now arrived at this point. Take a look at the highlighted '3' and '4'. The '3' clue already has 2 mines next to it. This means that only one of 'A' or 'E' can be a mine. We don't know which one exactly, but we know that only one of those will contain a mine.
Now consider the highlighted '4' clue, if one mine is in 'A' or 'E', then we still need another 3 mines for this clue. That means that 'B', 'C' and 'D' must also be mines.
This type of logic and thinking will allow you to solve medium puzzles. To solve hard puzzles you will need to apply similar types of logic, but looking further forward when trying different combinations of mines.

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