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Hyper Sudoku Rules

A brief guide

A Hyper Sudoku puzzle is very similar to a normal Sudoku puzzle, but there are four extra regions. In this puzzle you will see there are four 3x3 shaded areas. Each of those shaded 3x3 areas must contain the number 1-9 once and only once.
You can use all of the same rules when solving a Hyper Sudoku Puzzle, but you will also need to make use of the four extra regions.
Look at the highlighted cell in this puzzle. We know that the top-right extra 3x3 region must contain the number 2 somewhere. However, the top-right, top-center, and center-right normal 3x3 region all contain a 2 already. That only leaves the highlighted cell from the extra region, so the hilighted cell must be a 2.
Have a look at the Hyper Sudoku puzzle to the left, you can fill in the highlighted cells using the techniques you have just learnt.